Renault SELECTION offers tailor-made, financial solutions and customized offers to meet the unique needs of each customer.


The financing offer for pre-owned vehicles is exclusively available with our preferred partner Renault Finance. They are here to assist you in selecting the best value proposition.

Financing Plan

We have the best plans in the market; that fit your needs by exploring multiple financial possibilities.

We are the only ones who finance vehicles up to 10 years old. We have a wide range of terms and down payment options depending on the model year, as well as financial products that are suitable to your needs.

We have the experience in service and attention as well as the necessary infrastructure to offer you multiple benefits as mentioned below.


  • Possibility of getting a car with conditions very similar to a new one, but at a lower cost
  • Fits your needs based on budgets
  • Wide variety of terms and finance options available

Financial benefits:


  • Rate: 13.99%
  • Low processing fee
  • Down payment: from 15%
  • Term: 12 to 60 months

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